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From Luke Lirot

I have been privileged to be an attorney for almost 30 years. I have represented 1000's of clients from all walks of life, in all types of cases. My focus is on Constitutional and First Amendment Law, and my firm also does extensive work in both state and federal courts, for both civil and criminal matters. I also specialize in liquor license law, local government issues, code enforcement and nuisance abatement matters, and white collar defense. Cases that I have handled have generated over 200 published opinions. I have also had the pleasure to practice in state and/or federal courts (under pro hac vice admission) in over 21 states, including New York, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and many others. Those who identify me as only practicing in the arena of "adult entertainment" cases, because of the vast media attention those cases receive, should not be misled. I can, and do, handle and successfully represent significantly more types of clients. I would enjoy the privilege of helping you, if you need a lawyer. Thank you!


Luke Lirot, P.A.

Luke Lirot has been deeply involved in the representation of all aspects of civil rights cases and the adult entertainment industry and has been known as a passionate advocate in both the Tampa Bay Area and nationally for the last 20 years. After getting his law degree from the University of San Francisco and serving as an intern in the Public Defender’s Office in 1986, Lirot returned to Florida and began his career when hired by Florida adult entertainment entrepreneur Joe Redner.

He is an active member and Past President of the First Amendment Lawyers’ Association and has actively participated in numerous State and Federal legal battles. Having developed expertise in every area of the operation of adult businesses, Lirot has vast experience in every level of administrative, municipal and judicial issues facing the adult entertainment industry.

Having practiced in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Delaware, New York, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas and Iowa, he has fought in the trenches for his clients and he has won many critical First Amendment cases, having over 60 reported decisions to his credit. He won the case that established that the internet was not subject to the geographic limitations of adult regulations, and has also protected the First Amendment rights of police officers, political activists, priests, students, government workers and political candidates.

He has represented well over 1,000 criminal defendants in First Amendment cases, from individuals to national corporations, and he has consistently fought to protect the principles that this country was founded upon.